SPORTS BASED CHIROPRACTOR: A sports based chiropractor focuses on improving and correcting biomechanics to not only reduce pain, but more importantly prevent pain.

Dr. Liz Keenan is a sports based chiropractor & Crossfit Level 1 trainer in Houston, Texas.


Meet DR. Liz Keenan

Dr. Liz Keenan is a chiropractor, Crossfit Level 1 trainer, ultra marathoner, and certified in Active Release Technique, Rock Tape Level 1 & 2, IASTM, and Functional Movement. 

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Movement based medicinE

Dr. Liz Keenan works with many athletes to improve their mobility, stability, and form right in the gym setting. She is currently based out of a Crossfit/Olympic lifting facility, allowing the athlete to be evaluated and treated in their own environment. Dr. Keenan tries to improve movement for all of her patients whether they are professional athletes or weekend warriors.