Canada Chiropractic promotes movement based medicine. Dr. Christopher Canada and Dr. Liz Keenan team up to help people move better and feel better! 

Canada Chiropractic understands that an injured athlete's main priority is to return to their active lifestyle as fast as they possibly can. We have many patients that initially come in for pain and then transition to become lifelong patients for injury prevention. 

Pain management is a crucial step in the recovery process; proper monitoring, treatment, and rehabilitation are uniquely designed for each individual condition at any athletic level.

Our quality chiropractic services and professional customer care have made us a top pick among everyone from weekend warriors to professional athletes in Houston and its surrounding areas.

Treatment plans may include dry needling, cupping, myofasial release, instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation, cupping, NormaTec/Recovery compression, spinal decompression, rehabilitation, and joint manipulation. 

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Bayou City CrossFit (BCCF) is one of the original CrossFits in the Houston Area. BCCF is a fantastic box for both newbies and seasoned CrossFit athletes. Classes include traditional CrossFit classes, women's only classes, masters (seniors) CrossFit, and private training.  

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