Women's Workshops

Health Empowerment: 

Empowerment comes from getting the knowledge and encouragement for which to achieve goals.

We believe that setting health goals is not necessarily about just saying them out loud, it's about learning how to properly excite them, to gain confidence in achieving them, and surrounding yourself with the necessary tools and community. This is what we teach, women supporting women on getting healthy!

Who we are:

Our workshops are taught by a certified trainer, a sports based chiropractor/PT, and a nutritionist. Then we find a few key businesses to come and supply our women with samples or fun presentations. 

workshop Outline:

  • Movement/ Skills/ Workout section where we go over key exercises or techniques taught by our trainer
  • Mobility/ Stability/ Injury Prevention section where we go over essential accessory work that athletes should be doing
  • Nutrition section where we discuss the importance of the food selections we make  

Want to learn more about hosting a seminar?
EMAIL US AT: contact@drlizkeenan.com